WA Space

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WA Space philosophy


- - WA Space Group realizes increased value through individual donation of talent based on a positive and proactive way of thinking and proactive attitudes!

- - Reproduction and promotion of beliefs and a sense of duty to recover global citizens’ sovereignty!

- - Pursuit of becoming a man of distinction instead of searching for one!

- - A man of character who can offer a valuable opinion instead of talking nonsense!

- - A man of action who knows that those who love others are respectable members of society instead of those who beg for love!


WA contains philosophy that has been desired by mankind for a long-time.


It is filled with SWAP spirit that makes it possible for coins to complete a key currency, a genuine currency.


All employees and members are united as one.

Economic growth

Our belief and mission are to save mankind through economic growth.


We aim to lay the foundation for creating a new vitality that gives a life goal and power.


We will guide you to the path so that you can achieve your goal through WA with an earnest desire.


WA will draw a potent dream into reality to help manage and realize everyone’s dream.


We will design and manage a dream to ultimately make contribution to improving the quality of life where the dream is experienced.


An elegant life benefits others like a fragrant flower. WA Space Group will serve as an economic foothold to offer a framework for self-completion while making it possible to lead a fulfilling life and contribute to society.