WA Space

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Vision of WA Space

"A success story of Coin starts only with WA Space Group!"

1. Member-oriented group operation

The value of Coin is improved through member-oriented group operation.

2. Supply principle of Coin

Supply principle of Coin is applied based on principle of supply and demand.

3. Marvelous system

It boasts of marvelous supply system as a key currency.

4. Group system

As a group system, whether you are rich or poor, young or old, anyone who has interest can acquire the Coin and pursue economic profits.

5. Authentic management philosophy

It boasts of well-thought-out management philosophy espoused by the reliable management based on specialized excellent management and solid ideas on right path.

"WA Space has unique characteristics and advantages"

Stage 1

Voluntary participation in group and donation of talent

Stage 2

Sharing of information and creation of value

Stage 3

Sharing of value through fusion and convergence

Stage 4

Financial freedom and shared vision for the future