Virtual Currency

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Feature of crypto currency

Network currency

A currency issued and transacted by individuals on the Internet without a central bank based on P2P system
Ex) Bitcoin

Effective currency

As it does not require a brokering institution and enables users to conduct direct transactions, it helps save time and money
No risk in change in value of a currency

No risk in change in value of a currency

There is no risk caused by drastic changes in value of a currency in the wake of arbitrary governmental policy
Ex) Cyprus/Argentina

Neither exchange commission nor remittance fees

Neither foreign exchange losses at a time of exchanging money nor fees charged at a time of international remittance
A currency that helps save time and money

No leakage of personal information

High stability due to no leakage of personal information entered to make transactions

No excessive financial commissions

There are no high commissions imposed by brokering institutions at a time of financial transactions/settlement