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Meaning of WA Space

Meaning of WA and background of its birth

  • Tile (Pronounced as Wa (瓦) in Korean): It refers to tiling and shielding / A screen that guards a palace and a ball of fire
  • Intention to create a group that embraces A through W
  • It means that all currencies in the world will come ("Wa" in Korean)
  • It means harmony, unity and wheel in Japanese
  • It is the sound of shouting in Korean / Come!
  • The sound of a great outcry (a common language all over the world)"WA"

Secret of 352.9 billion outputs interpreted in numerology

③Sam (三)

It means the universe embracing the heaven, the earth and the people, and it also refers to the sky.

⑤ Oh (五)

It means the soil, the base where people live.

② Ie (二)

It means a phenomenon where countless people come and go, and it also refers to a currency.

⑨ Gu (九)

It means respect and honor in numerology, and it also refers to gold and a perfect number transcending octal number system in the Book of Changes.

35 refers to luck, autumn and a mathematical principle of fruition and affluence
52 refers to fortune and a mathematical principle of affluent luck
29 refers to ceaseless rush based on stability and support and realization of a wholesome success
3529 refers to water and new beginning and completion through moral principles for coexistence based on forgiveness and love