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This is what WA Space Group is boasting of!

"WA Space is crypto currency, a new currency born to bring about convenient international remittance and innovation in the next-generation financial settlement."

Through the identical use of bitcoin (BTC) and block chain technology, additional security system was applied to WA Space Crypto currency developed based on Ethereum.

Since WA Space adopts block chain and multiple security functions, it is absolutely free from hacking incidents, and as the next-generation financial settlement protocol, details on transactions made by users exist only in users’ computers as seen in bank


Through WA Space, we will secure users and expand customers and accounts based on strategic distribution in order to increase transactions while proliferating the universal value of WA Space and improving its value as world-renowned crypto currency based

Pursuing both specialized distribution and profitability, WA Space is pushing for operating strategy focused on putting profits before anything else through adjustment of the number of transactions and distributions by members and users and improvement of

WA Space Group aims to analyze structural blind spots of the electronic money market and provide useful information to members and users.