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Dear global citizens!!!
The great right path taken by “the Awakened One” becomes a rule of all mankind. A crisis is an opportunity, and an opportunity belongs to the person who is prepared!!
Given the present speed of change, we can date back 10 years to face today and look ahead 5 years from today.


According to the UN State of The Future Report 2040 featuring a lecture by Tony Seba with Stanford University, one of the greatest changes in 5 years is a cataclysmic change in the financial world.

Such Internet giants as Baidu and Alibaba in China and Google, Apple and Amazon in the U.S. are developing or using their own payment system.

This system enables those who purchase a lot of products on Amazon to make payment with Amazon Coins, and profits are made when the value of Amazon Coin is increased. In the past, it was said that money makes money.

Another cataclysmic change in the financial world is crowd funding. The era when ordinary stock investors directly invest such small amount of money as 10,000 won or 100,000 won in developers or business founders has come. Reasons why banks or existing fi

Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data are destroying financial system to return sovereignty to global citizens. As Big Data or IoT analyzes and predicts corporate future so accurately, it becomes possible to secure accurate information without forecasting


In 5 to 10 years, sensor chips that will connect countless Internet lines all over the world will be spread. With emergence of mobile settlement and remittance services, Facebook and Google are proactively knocking on the door of the virtual currency mark

Facebook has a system recognized as an electronic money handling institution on the condition of approval of the Central Bank of Ireland. On the strength of the recognized institution, Facebook will proceed with a financial service featuring deposit and r

Google is mapping out a plan to advance into the financial circles and expand services into remittance and fund investments based on ‘Google Wallet,’ a mobile payment system. Alibaba and Tencent have emerged as a global market leader in the Internet secto

The existing financial companies in the global market are all in a dither as they expect their free fall. Global citizens wanting something convenient and speedy have already tasted the advantages of the virtual currency in the Internet. The wallet servic

"In the present era when changes are requested, WA Space Group has decided to present WA in an effort to guarantee financial freedom to all global citizens with universal philosophy and ideology based on Ethereum. We sincerely hope that it will grow into a"

Just make yourself master of every situation
Wherever you stand is the true place
Harmony in difference
Non-doing according to the course of nature
A truly great man is one who can develop clever ideas in order to save the world, while treating humanity kindly.
The right Way, The right Sight, The right Action

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